Dear Stock Market Investor,

If you are investing in stocks and shares as a way to grow your personal wealth and/or income then you need to be able to consistently pick the best shares at the right time and minimise your mistakes.

How To Pick The Best Shares At The Right Time

All the best long-term investors, such as Warren Buffett, do their own research before they buy or sell anything.  Indeed, it was Warren Buffett who said…

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand”

Warren Buffett also said…

“If a business does well, the stock usually follows”

In other words, successful long-term investing is about picking the best businesses and avoiding the bad.

How To Pick The Best Businesses

Recognising a strong, successful business is relatively easy to do.

The problem is, most investors don’t know what distinguishes a good business from a bad business when it’s staring them in the face!

If you don’t want to be like them, you need to be able to recognise a good, solid business with long-term investment prospects when you see one and that means knowing what to look for.

You also need to make sound, business-like, investment decisions without letting your emotions trip you up!

Which means following a tried and tested process that covers all the main investment considerations and examines them from different angles.

All of this analysis can be very time-consuming, but just like anything else, Pareto’s 80-20 rule applies.

In other words, you only need to analyse the critical 20% of stuff to get 80% of the benefits!

But which stuff is critical?

Save Time And Effort During Your Share Picking

If you know what to look for when picking shares and you follow a tried and tested process then you can be much more consistent with your results and achieve much better returns as you avoid all the problem companies.

You can also save a lot of time if the process and information is organised into a simple checklist with a decision summary sheet at the end.

If you don’t have such a thing and you’d like one, then that’s where I can help you.


5-Minute Share Picks Ebook

5-Minute Share Picks contains everything you need to pick the best shares, time your trades better, make fewer mistakes and ultimately, make bigger investment returns.

Is this something that you would find useful?

5-Minute Share Picks Explained

When you buy 5-Minute Share Picks and confirm your email address, you will receive your copy of the ebook as a PDF file.

The product is distributed in this electronic PDF format, so that you can receive it immediately.

It also means that you can save it on your computer and then access it on as many computers or mobile devices as you wish.

You can take it with you on your laptop, tablet, smart phone or ebook reader and because the workbook is in the universal PDF format, you can use it on all devices including iPhone, iPad and Amazon Kindle, of course.

If you’d prefer a hard paper copy to scribble on and record your analyses in a file, you can print it from your computer or mobile device as many times as you like.


What 5-Minute Share Picks Contains

  • A tried and tested PROCESS for analyzing company shares
  • CHECKLISTS to help your comprehensive analysis
  • Space to RECORD your findings and analysis
  • Structure to ORGANIZE your thoughts and analysis
  • Analyse the company valuation FUNDAMENTALS
  • Analyse the latest company RESULTS
  • Analyse recent company NEWS
  • Analyse economic and market TRENDS
  • Share price GRAPHICAL analysis
  • SWOT analysis to bring it all together
  • Integrate your analysis into a buy or sell DECISION
  • Record your REASON WHY you came to that decision
  • All in 5 MINUTES or less!


5-Minute Share Picks is a comprehensive METHOD that contains everything you need to become a more systematic and successful investor, following in the footsteps of Warren Buffett and his kind.

Without a proven method such as this, your stock picking is likely to be hit and miss, driven by your emotions and the opinions of other people instead of the solid factual analysis that you require.

You will not find anything like this anywhere else.  5-Minute Share Picks is UNIQUE!

Having been using it myself for a long time now, I can GUARANTEE that by using it for your own company shares investments, you will enjoy many benefits:


Key Benefits Of 5-Minute Share Picks

  • More SYSTEMATIC approach to your investment decisions
  • Base your decisions on FACTS rather than opinions
  • Take the EMOTION out of your decision-making
  • Recognize a GOOD BUSINESS when you’ve found one
  • Improve your share picking ability and SUCCESS ratio
  • Recognise a BAD BUSINESS so that you can AVOID it
  • Make FEWER MISTAKES with your investments
  • BUY shares at the RIGHT TIME more often
  • SELL shares at the right time too, to maximise your RETURNS
  • Have more CONFIDENCE in your own decision-making
  • Go AGAINST THE CROWD when it makes sense to do so
  • FOLLOW THE CROWD when it makes sense to do so
  • LEARN from your mistakes and successes
  • Apply these DELIBERATE PRACTICE techniques to become a better investor
  • Save yourself a lot of TIME analysing stuff you don’t need
  • and a whole lot MORE


In a nutshell, my PROMISE to you is that this 5-Minute Share Picks will transform your wealth and income by helping YOU to…

“Pick The Best Shares At The Right Time For Bigger £ Returns With Less Risk”

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5-Minute Share Picks Ebook

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Here’s to your future share picking success!

Warm regards,

Adrian Botham


PS. 5-Minute Share Picks is an excellent and low-cost way to “Pick The Best Shares At The Right Time For Bigger £ Returns With Less Risk”

PPS. Which one is worth more to you, £29 now or multiplying this many times over with a ROI that could generate THOUSANDS of EXTRA £ for YOU in the future?

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