If you want to take control of your investments and become a better investor, you’re in the right place.

If you are new to investing in company shares and want better returns from your cash, you’re also in the right place.

Here’s why…

To multiply your investment returns and reduce your investment risk, you need to learn the WHAT, WHEN, WHY and WHO of share investing.

  • The WHAT – if you know what and how to analyze companies and their prospects then you can invest in the right ones.
  • The WHEN – if you know when to buy and sell then you can time your investment decisions better.
  • The WHY – if you know why share prices change and what is driving them then you can understand and predict what happens to your shares.
  • The WHO – if you know the psychology of human behavior then you can keep a cool head and make the right investment decisions when most investors are not.

Investing in shares might sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be that way and it’s certainly not as complicated as the Financial Services industry want you to believe!

You see, they want you to think it is complicated so that you avoid making your own investment decisions and “leave it to the (so-called) experts” i.e. THEM.

This means that you become dependent on THEM and pay THEM ever-growing amounts of money as your investments languish but their fees continue to grow.

But you’re not as stupid as they think you are.

You are an intelligent person with a mind of your own.

By all means, leave some of your money managed by THEM – the financial fund managers, pension managers, bank managers, etc. if that is what you want to do.

But there’s nothing stopping you experimenting with some of your spare cash, is there?

And what’s more, if you do try investing in the stock market yourself, you’ll learn that it is not as difficult as the so-called experts make it out to be!

Not only that, but you will make bigger and better returns than you are making with your investments that are still managed by THEM.

This is the safe, sensible, low-risk approach that I took more than 27 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

At How To Invest In Shares, I’ll teach you the fundamentals of share investing in very simple language and with lots of examples.

In short, you will learn to triple your investment returns and reduce your investment risk!

Sound interesting?

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About Adrian Botham

Adrian Botham


How To Invest In Shares was founded by Adrian Botham; a self-taught private investor with more than 27 years of experience in managing his own share portfolio.

While at university, Adrian realised one of his ambitions – to become a share investor.

He bought his first shares in 1985, with £100 left over from his first year student grant, during the UK Government privatisations.

Unsure of what he was doing and with no idea how the stock market worked, he bought the shares anyway, believing the best way of learning was by doing!

Since then, Adrian’s share portfolio has grown dramatically, along with his knowledge of share investing, business, economics and finance.

Adrian now has a BSc Honours degree in Pure Mathematics from Warwick University and a 1st class Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) amongst his qualifications.

Adrian adopts a holistic approach to investing applying mathematics, chart analysis, economics, business knowledge, human behavioural psychology and common sense to his investment methods and decisions.