How To Overcome Your Excuses And Start Investing In Shares

If you say you would like to start investing in shares but you still haven’t got started yet, then it is highly likely that you are making excuses for yourself. Maybe you are telling yourself that you don’t have the time to learn? Maybe you are tel...

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Twitter And Facebook Valuation: A Lesson From The 1990’s

With the big IPO’s of Twitter and Facebook and their initial rocketing share price on day 1 of their float, anyone buying shares in these companies at such sky high price valuations will do well to remember the lessons of the past. If you are under the a...

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My Felt Tip Pen Story And The Key To Becoming A Successful Investor

All successful investors, myself included, possess something in common. The thing we possess is a behaviour trait or characteristic that is found in some children and not in others. Indeed, the trait has been the subject of many experiments over the last 40 ye...

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Pensions: Are You Investing Enough For Your Retirement?

I’ve been doing some research lately on the subject of pensions and what proportion of the working population are not investing enough for their retirement. And I don’t mind saying that I was shocked at what I discovered. Not only are the results o...

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Twitter IPO: How UK Investors Can Buy Shares In Twitter

With Twitter issuing shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) this week, a popular question at the moment is “should I buy Twitter shares” and “how do I buy Twitter shares as a UK investor?” Let’s start with the answer to t...

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Retirement Pensions: How To Avoid The Exorbitant Costs Of Saving For Retirement

The high cost of pensions and saving/investing for retirement was in the news this week because the UK Government have decided to step in and start capping the exorbitant charges levied by our pension providers. This highlights another example of why you can&#...

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So You Bought Royal Mail Shares – Now What?

So the Royal Mail Shares IPO has been and gone and many newcomers bought Royal Mail shares to become shareholders for the first time. If you’re one of them then now what? Your actions from here will depend on whether you are planning to stay a shareholde...

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Investment Strategy: Why I Think Robert Kiyosaki Has Got It Wrong

Before I get going, allow me to say that I am a very big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Poor Dad books. I first heard of him many years ago, in an infomercial on US TV. What he was saying at that time made perfect sense to me and when I got […]...

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