If you want to ramp up the returns on your investments, to achieve more with them in the future than you have in the past, can you do it on your own?

that matter, can anyone succeed at anything completely on their own?

My answer to these questions is a definitive…

‘yes and no’

No, we can’t succeed completely on our own.

We need support, coaching, people on our team to help us, etc.

In short, we need to leverage the wisdom, energy and experience 
of other people in order to ‘short cut’ the inevitable learning 

We also need other people to believe in us in those 
moments when we’ve given up on ourselves or, at the very least, started doubting our own ability or questioning whether we are doing the right thing.

But the answer is ultimately YES!

We can succeed on our own and 
ultimately, if we do succeed at our personal goals, 
we do so on our own.

That’s because we are the ones who must make
 our decisions, attract and hire the right support for
 ourselves, seek out and pay for the ‘short cut’ advice
, training, coaching, etc.

If it’s to be, it’s up to me

That’s why if my clients thank me for helping them
 reach their goals, I’m happy to take some of the credit for the part that I played in their success, but ultimately it is the client who deserves most of the credit because they are the ones making it happen for themselves.

They are the ones who make the commitment and 
really make it happen.

There are plenty of people in this world that can “talk a good game” but there are far fewer whom actually deliver and “practice what they preach.”

The ones that invest their own cash in themselves to learn what they need to know.

Wherever you are on your investing journey, you’re 
already a success for showing up and getting into the 

You’re already a success for having taken the steps
 to this point and that is not to be sniffed at!

Pat yourself on the back.

Now I’m asking you to take another step forward.

For you to achieve the next level of success for yourself
 and to really start to multiply your investment returns, you’re going to need to
 dig a little deeper and grow a little bigger (possibly a lot bigger).

This thing we do called investing isn’t just a hobby, 
or a career – it is WHO WE ARE.

We’re not here to earn peanuts from our investments with piddly returns – we’re here to do the best we can, while we have the opportunity.

We’re here to fire our investment rockets and get our returns growing exponentially, year on year, for as long as we can!

I want to challenge you right now as you’re reading
 these words to think bigger.

I want you to imagine your investment returns multiplied several times – growing several times faster than they have been in the past.

What does that multiplier look like for you – double, triple, quadruple?

Let’s call this multiplier “X” and “investments times X” your future investment pot.

Whatever this is for you, I
 want you to imagine holding that future investment in your hands or in your bank account and I want you to see how that would make 
a difference to the lives of those closest to you.

I want you to see their smiling faces, living
 their lives with more energy and happiness every day!


I want you to imagine holding that future investment in your hands again and notice
 how YOUR life is different.

How you are happier, 
have more energy, are able to do all the things you never thought you would be able to do and enjoying a better life style!

Now, think about the resources that you would love to 
have to make your “investments times X” start 
to become a reality in this world today.

Maybe it’s things like…


make a decision to take action on one of 
these things…


Not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY!!!

If you want to create ‘investments times X’, it isn’t going to happen in the future.

The future takes shape today, right NOW.

As soon as you decide to ‘go for it’ and
 call upon resources from outside yourself 
to get help with something you want, you 
start to interact with the world…

and the universe 
responds in powerful and magical ways.

 the universe says…

you first, then me

You must strike first, then the universe responds.

Over to you!