So You Bought Royal Mail Shares – Now What?

So the Royal Mail Shares IPO has been and gone and many newcomers bought Royal Mail shares to become shareholders for the first time. If you’re one of them then now what? Your actions from here will depend on whether you are planning to stay a shareholde...

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Investing: What Is Investing And How Is It Different From Buying?

In this post we take a look at what investing really is and how it is different from buying. So let’s start right at the beginning… What Is Investing? Investing is a word that is used an awful lot. Sometimes it is used correctly and other times it ...

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FTSE 100

If you are new to investing in UK shares then the easiest shares to trade are those in the FTSE 100 index. If you don’t yet know what the FTSE 100 is then read on and/or watch the video below. You will learn what the FTSE 100 index is and how it works. Y...

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What Is A Stock Exchange?

If you want to buy and sell shares in a stock market then it helps to know about the stock exchange. If you don’t know what a stock exchange is or why they are needed to trade shares then read on and watch the video below. You will learn what a stock exc...

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What Is A Stock Market?

Are you scared of buying and selling shares in the stock market? Is that because you don’t know what a stock market is? Is lack of knowledge in this area one of the things holding you back from getting started investing in shares? If it is then go ahead ...

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Share Investing Is Like Crossing The Road

Is share investing a risky activity? One of the main reasons stopping more people investing in shares is that they think it is. Well, crossing the road is also risky but most people do it every day! Some roads are more risky to cross than others because of mo...

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Emotional Attachment – A Lesson Learned

Back in the technology bubble of the late 1990s, I learned a very important lesson in share investing. For those who don’t remember, the technology bubble coincided with mass take-up of the internet. Today, the internet seems to be a key part of our liv...

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Public or private

In our previous post we introduced the idea of dividing a company into shares and/or issuing new shares to new investors. When talking about companies there are fundamentally two different types – private or public. ...

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