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Stock Market Success Breakthrough Sessions for Beginners to Investing In Shares

It's Christmas Day here in the UK and I wanted to offer a gift to all the readers of my How To Invest In Shares blog - a FREE "Stock Market Success Breakthrough" coaching session with me! Getting some coaching from someone who has already gone through the same change [...]

How To Overcome Your Excuses And Start Investing In Shares

If you say you would like to start investing in shares but you still haven't got started yet, then it is highly likely that you are making excuses for yourself. Maybe you are telling yourself that you don't have the time to learn? Maybe you are telling yourself that you [...]

My Felt Tip Pen Story And The Key To Becoming A Successful Investor

All successful investors, myself included, possess something in common. The thing we possess is a behaviour trait or characteristic that is found in some children and not in others. Indeed, the trait has been the subject of many experiments over the last 40 years and is a strong predictor of [...]

Why Do You Want To Invest In Stocks & Shares?

When I tell the people I meet that I coach people how to get started investing in shares, they usually reply by saying that they would like to invest in shares. When I ask them why they don't invest in shares already, they provide lots of reasons, which sound more [...]