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Our Passion

The driving force of How To Invest In Shares is a belief that more people would invest in shares if only they understood more about them, how to analyze and buy them and how to manage the risks involved.

Ownership of shares in companies brings about a feeling of involvement in a way that pensions, mutual funds and other investment vehicles will never do.

That’s because investing in shares brings the opportunity to own a slice of a real business operating in many industries, markets, environments and countries across the globe like nothing else can.

The sheer act of owning the shares in a particular company arouses our curiosity of that business, its dealings, what it does and its ongoing prospects.

Share ownership therefore educates us in many aspects of business, economics, commodities, politics, finance and the world we live in without the need to go to business school.

And…on top of all this, we believe that investing in shares is the most flexible and profitable way to build personal wealth for individuals as long as it is done properly in an intelligent manner.

Our Subjects

We only publish guest posts that are relevant to our readership.

How To Invest In Shares is dedicated to:

  • Educating people in the benefits of investing in shares;
  • Encouraging non-investors to start investing in shares;
  • Increasing the confidence of non-investors and existing investors in the subject of share investing;
  • Teaching and coaching people to be better share investors.

Good writing topics are therefore anything that helps achieve the above aims and is consistent with our passion.

Feel free to contact us if you have a subject that we might be interested in and we can discuss it.

Writing Style

At How To Invest In Shares, we aim for our posts to be informative and educational as well as thought-provoking and fun.

Given the subject matter of financial investments, we also like our posts to be based on experience and to have a strong factual or logical basis to them.

Your particular style of writing is your own and we don’t try to control that but be aware that we may ask you to edit and re-submit your article prior to publication if we think our readership may find it inconsistent with the rest of our site.

Posting Details

Here are other guidelines for having your article posted on How To Invest In Shares:

  • Guest posts must be original, not appear anywhere else online, and be for the exclusive use of How To Invest In Shares;
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  • You should provide a photograph of yourself;
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We suggest that you get in touch with us before you submit an article so we can discuss whether or not it will be a good fit for our blog.

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*Note: We do not accept posts written for the sole purpose of increasing search rankings. Any enquiry that clearly has that intention won’t receive a reply.