Do you have unfulfilled DREAMS that require a sum of money to achieve?

Maybe you want to save a deposit for your first home?

Or maybe you’ve always wanted a holiday home in the country or a caravan by the sea?

Maybe you dream of having your own sports car, or a Mercedes or a small yacht?

Or maybe you’d like to send your children to the best school or university?

Or pay for your daughter’s wedding?

Or maybe you don’t know what you want but you want to save up for it anyway so that you can have the freedom to choose later?

Do you have dreams like these?

I know I do…

and so do most other people in the world.

But very few of us achieve our dreams!

That’s principally because of two things:

  • You don’t really believe that they are possible for you to achieve so you don’t take the required action to achieve them!
  • They usually require money, which you don’t immediately have to hand.

But if YOU invest in your own future, YOU will increase the chances of YOU achieving one or more of YOUR dreams!

Yes YOU!!!

Which means that YOU need to start doing the opposite of what most other people are doing (or not doing to be exact) and start taking these two key actions instead:

  • Find ways to reduce your expenses so that you can identify spare cash to invest.
  • Invest in your financial education so that you can invest that spare cash wisely.

Doing either of these two things will bring you benefits.

But if you start doing both, you will get an added BONUS.

That’s because there is a positive synergy between the two!

Education Is The Real Wealth Multiplier

The more you invest in your financial education, the more savings opportunities you will find as well as investment opportunities.

This means you will have even more cash to invest, as well as becoming better at investing that new spare cash.

So, say if you increased your spare cash each week or month by 10% from finding more savings…

and you were able to make 10% better returns on your investments…

then your investments would be 21% better off (110% x 110% = 121%),

rather than the 20% better off (10%+10%) that you might have imagined!

Note, that is 5% higher than you might have thought (21/20 = 1.05 = 5% improvement)!

Now do you want the really good news?

Increasing your spare cash by 10% is easy for most people.

It is certainly a lot easier than reducing your expenses by 10%.

Just to be perfectly clear about what we are talking about, let’s use another example.

Let’s say your take-home monthly income (after tax etc.) that you have to live on is £1,000.

To keep the maths easy, let’s assume your essential expenses on food, rent/mortgage, etc. are £900, leaving £100 to spend on treats or to save, as you wish.

As you are good with your money, let’s say you treat yourself with only £50 and save or invest the other £50 (your current “spare cash”) each month.

Increasing your spare cash by 10%, means finding an extra £5 each month so that you can invest £55 instead of £50.

This £5 could come from having less treats, reducing them from £50 to £45.

Or, better, from reducing your expenses from £900 to £895 which is a reduction of 5/900 = 0.55%.

Now if that is not doable for YOU, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs!

All you have to do is take a packed lunch to work once a month instead of buying a butty and mocha, frappe, latte thing (or whatever it is you like) from Starbucks!

Or stick to the speed limits when you’re driving so that you use less fuel!

Note that a 10% reduction on your expenses would have meant finding £90 which is a lot more money but probably doable if you’ve never tried to cut your expenses before.

Why not make that the target and see what you can find?

Get creative – your dreams are at stake here!

Now do you want the really, really good news?

My guess is that you are not taking either of these two key actions at the moment any way near as much as you could do, if at all.

Which means, that if you started to take action in these two areas positively and consistently, you could achieve a lot more than a 10% improvement in your spare cash.

Let’s say you managed 20% (an extra £10 per month of spare cash in our example) and a 20% improvement in your investment education.

That means that your investments would benefit by an improvement of 1.2 x 1.2 = 1.44 or 44%.

Notice that this is 44/40 = 1.1 = 10% better than the 20%+20%=40% that you might have imagined.

Increase your improvement % further and the numbers are even greater still.

In fact they are exponential.

So…do YOU want to achieve YOUR dreams?

It’s a New Year.

There’s no better time than now to make a positive start!

Make 2012 the year that you finally start INVESTING in your DREAMS


I’ve explained already how to take action to identify spare cash.

What about your financial education though?

Well I have the answer to that too!

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