What is a Santa rally?

As it’s Christmas Day, I thought it would be good to post on a Christmas theme. Have you ever heard of a Santa rally? If you haven’t, any idea what it is? Well, it’s not a car race in the snow…or a car race for drivers wearing Santa Claus costu...

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How to buy your first shares

All of the articles published so far have been designed to provide the background knowledge required to invest successfully in shares and we strongly recommend that you build up your knowledge and take things slowly. Investing is not for everyone and it is ver...

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Public or private

In our previous post we introduced the idea of dividing a company into shares and/or issuing new shares to new investors. When talking about companies there are fundamentally two different types – private or public. ...

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What Are Shares? A Beginner’s Guide To Company Shares On The Stock Market

Most people know that shares are something that you can buy and trade on a stock market¬†without really knowing what shares are. This article provides a beginner’s guide to company shares on the stock market, explain...

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Financial assets

Last time we learned that assets come in many forms. We discussed collectibles such as paintings, antiques and vintage wines and compared them briefly to financial assets such as companies, unit trusts and bonds, for example. We said that collectibles have a p...

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What are assets?

In my previous post, I mentioned assets but I didn’t properly explain what they are, other than to say that they are: things that have a financial value attached to them that we can generate an income or a profit from. Collectibles Ex...

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