Whether you are beginner to investing in the stock market or an experienced private investor you need to know how to find and analyse company shares for your portfolio.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a relatively new stock screening and analysis tool called Stockopedia.

I recently discovered Stockopedia when I attended the UK Investor Show in London and got talking to Stockopedia’s CEO, Ed Croft.

I was so impressed with the Stockopedia tool and with Ed Croft himself, that I signed up for the service!

Since then, I’ve done a special deal with Ed so that you can get a discount on the Stockopedia service when you buy through this site.

I’ll explain more about the discount and how you can get it later.

First though, let’s review Stockopedia.

What Is Stockopedia?

Stockopedia is a software service that you can use to find and analyse companies and their shares.

It comes in several versions – one for UK shares; one for European shares; one for US shares and in several combination versions e.g. UK/US, UK/Euro, etc.

Stockopedia is accessed via the Internet so there is no software to buy, download or install on your computer – all you need is a userid and password to access your account.

I’ve been using Stockopedia for a while now and getting used to it.

It contains an awful lot of data and analysis tools, some might say too much, but the key to using Stockopedia is to know what you are looking for before you start.

Screening To Find Shares To Buy

One of the greatest strengths of Stockopedia is its ability to screen for shares using a wide variety of methods.

Ed Croft and his team have done an awful lot of work to understand the screening methods of many stock market gurus and build those methods into Stockopedia.

So for example, if you want to apply the screening methods of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt, Jim Slater or Joseph Piotroski, you can.

In total, it has more than 65 different screening methods that cover all the different kinds of investing such as growth, income, momentum, quality, etc.

You can either start with a particular screening method and see which company shares pass all the screening criteria or you can start with a company and see how many of the criteria it passes for each screen.

Of course, some company shares can pass more than one screen at any given time and the “screen of screens” will tell you which shares pass the most.

If finding shares to invest in is a problem for you, then Stockopedia can help you to solve this problem.

How To Analyse Shares To Buy

Another great strength of Stockopedia is its stock report, which presents a wide variety of useful data all on one screen, organised into useful sections.

As well as the usual share price chart and financial data, it shows momentum indicators, quality indicators, financial health indicators, etc.

It’s hard to explain how much stuff is on this one screen and how useful it is for analysing a company before you invest in its shares, so I’ll leave that to Ed Croft to explain in this video:

Stockopedia Research Tools

As well as the stock report and the guru screens, Stockopedia comes with a variety of other tools.

For example it includes a number of different calculators to assist you in valuing the shares of a company using a variety of methods.

When you do this, it enters the financial data for you, which is a lot easier than trying to do this on a spreadsheet like I used to do!

Stockopedia includes a portfolio tool so that you can keep track of your own share portfolio and examine the latest news, updates, etc. that are all one click away.

It even includes an alert service that is one of the most extensive I have ever seen, to save you time and effort monitoring your portfolio.

How To Get A Discount On Stockopedia

If you like the sound of Stockopedia and fancy taking a closer look at it then click here to access my Stockopedia offer page.

As I said earlier, I’ve spoken to Ed Croft, the CEO of Stockopedia and negotiated a special discount for you.

So as well as the 14-day FREE trial that everyone can obtain, if you use the special offer code for How To Invest In Shares, you will enjoy a discount of £50 off the regular price.

All you have to do to get it is to access the How To Invest In Shares Special Offer page on the Stockopedia website and then click one of the 14-day FREE trial buttons to get started.

Disclosure:  The author of this post is a customer and affiliate of Stockopedia Pro.