Whether you are beginner to investing in the stock market or an experienced private investor you need to know how to find and analyse company shares for your portfolio.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to a brand new and very exciting stock screening and analysis tool called Sharepad.

It’s from Ionic Information, the company that provides Sharescope – the UK’s best award winning investment software for the last 14 years or so.

As a customer and user of Sharescope for many years now, I have been asking for an online web version of Sharescope for a long time and here it is, Sharepad.

As I did with Sharescope, I’ve done a new deal with Ionic Information so that you can get a discount on the new Sharepad service when you buy through How To Invest In Shares.

I’ll explain more about the discount and how you can get it later.

First though, let’s review Sharepad.

What Is Sharepad?

Sharepad is a software service that you can use to find and analyse companies and their shares.

It comes in two versions – Sharepad and SharepadPro.

Both versions include the same investment content and functionality – the difference between the two is the data feed.

The standard Sharepad version has data/prices delayed by 15 minutes whereas the SharepadPro version has live data/prices.

Unlike Sharescope, this new Sharepad service is accessed via the Internet so there is no software to buy, download or install on your computer – all you need is a userid and password to access your account.

This also means that you can access Sharepad from a Mac computer as well as a PC, without having to maintain a bootcamp partition like I’ve had to do to access Sharescope over the last few years.

Sharepad is also mobile responsive so it adapts to the smaller screens of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones too so you can access it from anywhere.

Having originally been a beta tester for Sharepad and recently got hold of a full licence when it was fully launched, I’ve been using Sharepad for a while now and getting used to it.

In my opinion, it’s easier to use than Sharescope, especially for those that are new to investing in shares and/or don’t want all the complicated trading indicators that Sharescope provides.

How To Analyse Shares To Buy

One of the greatest strengths of Sharepad is its ability to examine data, and annotated charts all on the same screen.

To understand what I mean, take a look at this graphic:


It shows a list of shares on the left with relevant data, ratios, etc. and a series of charts on the right for the selected share.

I have annotated the graph by adding support lines in red and resistance lines in green as well as some text to say “breakout.”

The advantage of this is that I am able to analyse the financial fundamentals and the timing of buys/sells simultaneously.

Of course, you don’t have to view the chart on the right hand side, it can be viewed full screen or can be replaced by a variety of other aspects instead, such as the latest news, director dealings, financial calendar, etc.

The one I particularly like though is the financials and the financial overview screen in particular:

Sharepad review dashboard

This shows the new Sharepad dashboard, price chart, momentum, return, dividend history, ranking and key indicators, all on the one screen.

This is just one of the many available and I obviously don’t have the space to review them all here but it’s worth checking out, especially for long-term buy and hold investors.

If finding shares to invest in is a problem for you, then Sharepad can help you to solve this problem too.

How To Find Shares To Buy

Like Sharescope, Sharepad includes a filtering mechanism to help you mine for shares that fit your defined criteria.

However, Sharepad now incorporates a number of guru filters to help you find shares that match the criteria of the great investors of the past and present.

Recent additions include some of my favourite investors such as Jim Slater, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett and Ben Graham filters, for example.

As well as filtering using their criteria, you can adjust the values too if you wish or even use them as a basis and adapt them to suit your own particular style or create your own guru-like criteria.

Of course you can still use all the other tried and tested methods that I describe in my X to 3X in 7 training programme such as searching by sector, sorting on dividend yield, say, and so on.

Sharepad Portfolio Tools

As well as all the data, analysis and filtering screens, Sharepad comes with a variety of other tools too.

For example it includes a number of tools for tracking your portfolio.

If you are an existing Sharescope user, like me, it’s easy to export your existing portfolios from Sharescope and import them into Sharepad using the facility provided.

If you’re starting from scratch, it’s just as easy to create a new portfolio and add shares to it as you go along.

When you buy and sell shares, if you enter the details into Sharepad, it’ll keep a record of what you’ve bought and sold, display your overall returns and your returns at individual share/trade level also.

There’s even an option to add your dividends automatically if you want to maintain your cash balance too.

This is particularly useful if you are holding your shares in and ISA or SIPP, like I do, as you can track the percentage of cash you are carrying too.

How To Analyse Funds and ETFs To Buy

If you’re a follower of my blog then you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of mutual funds, market trackers and the like.

That said, I do own a few myself as they can be particularly useful when you want to invest in something a bit more specialist, access a far-away stock market or invest in commodities cheaply, say.

The thing I always stress about funds and trackers is to make sure you understand their costs, performance and what they are actually investing in.

Many of them can masquerade as actively managed funds when, in reality, they are closet market trackers.

Sharepad can help you avoid some of these problems because it provides a lot of the relevant fund information on some special screens.

My favourite one is this:

Sharepad review fund screen

As you can see, it shows similar information to that available on fund fact sheets or the websites of the mutual fund companies and platforms without you having to spend time searching around for it in multiple places.

As before, you can view this information alongside a list of funds if you want, so that you can view performance fundamentals alongside charts, etc.

I could keep going as there’s so much more I could talk about in this review such as the online chat rooms for traders, support, etc.; the alarms facility with messages delivered to your smartphone and more.

Suffice it to say that I’ve waited a long time for a web version of Sharescope and now that it’s finally here, I’m not disappointed and it has a number of brand new innovative features that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Frankly, I’m impressed and as a keen user, I can say that Ionic Information are adding new features, filters, etc., all the time so they are certainly not resting on their laurels.

Sharescope has been the industry leading investment software in the UK for the last 14 years – what’s the betting that there’s a new winner this year?

How To Get A Discount On Sharepad

If you like the sound of Sharepad and fancy taking a closer look at it then click here to access my Sharepad discount offer page.

As I said earlier, I’ve spoken to Ionic Information and negotiated a special discount for you.

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Disclosure:  The author of this post is a customer and affiliate of Sharepad and Sharescope.