Dear Friend,

  • Are you struggling with your investment strategy – not knowing how to build a share portfolio that delivers the outcomes you want?
  • Are you feeling “caught in the headlights,” overwhelmed by the huge choice of company shares you could buy?
  • Are you having difficulties distinguishing the good companies from the bad – lacking the confidence to trust your own company research and analysis?
  • Are you still playing with your investments, feeling your way by trial and error when you know you ought to get more serious, managing your investments properly and making more money?
  • Have you spoken to Bankers, Financial Planners, Independent Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Stockbrokers, Money Coaches and the like and not got the answers you need to your questions?

You’re not alone.  These challenges are familiar to many stock market beginners and there is a solution.

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My name is Adrian Botham, also known as the “Shares Coach” and I work specifically with beginners to stock market investing who have some spare cash to invest (either on a regular basis or as a lump sum) and who have the passion and drive to grow their wealth and income, but who lack either the know-how, the skills or the belief to make it happen on their own.

In my experience, when private investors aren’t achieving their goals, it’s usually because they:

  • Haven’t defined where they want to ‘get to’ and why they want to get there,
  • Don’t really believe it is possible for them to ever get there,
  • Have no plan for how they are going to get there, or
  • Are not doing the things in their plan!

In simple terms, there is a significant tension between what they want and what they are doing to get it.

Drawing on my experiences as a private investor, working with hundreds of people as a leader, a manager, a coach and a mentor, and with a strong emphasis on results, I work with people that are new to investing in the stock market to create the conditions that are central to their success.

There Is A Solution

Starting to invest in company shares in the stock market is a courageous choice with many rewards, but it can also be a challenging one!

Whatever you do for a living and in your spare time, I’ll bet you are very passionate about what you do and highly skilled at it too.

Your choice to start managing your own investments was driven by your desire to achieve better returns with your spare cash (that you have worked hard to get) and to be in control of your own wealth, income and future.  I can relate to that.

But, there is so much more to investing in the stock market than just picking shares at random isn’t there?

  • You’ve also got to think about whether the shares are a good investment or a bad one,
  • whether a share is under or overvalued,
  • when it’s the best time to buy,
  • when it’s time to sell,
  • how much to invest in each company,
  • how to build a diversified portfolio to reduce your risk;

and with all of that to learn, there’s no wonder you’re struggling to make money or finding it impossible to get started in the first place.

You’re caught in the beginner’s trap!

You are focussed on the investments themselves (i.e. the shares) spending your time worrying about whether you’ve bought the right ones, panicking when the stock market falls or the price of your shares drops and then selling them too soon and at the wrong time, thus losing money.

But without spending time on yourself to develop your investment skills and know-how, you’re investing will be more like a game of chance, hoping to get lucky with one or two of your share purchases, rather than the long-term repeatable process towards wealth, income and financial freedom that you want.

You are ‘doing’ a lot of activity and you’re expending a lot of energy in the process, but your activity is not generating the results you want.  You’re not getting any real traction and things are not really moving forward.

You are reading lots of books, newsletters, tip sheets and blogs and attending investment trading seminars and courses, yet your wealth and your income is not growing.  And, whilst you still want to manage your own investments, this is not working for you right now!

You’re suffering from one or more of the following:

1.  You’ve not got a clear vision of what financial success means for you.  Or, you’ve got the vision, but your not clear ‘why’ you are doing it.  As a result, your vision does not motivate you to take the necessary action to make it a reality.

2.  You’re doing all the right stuff externally, but your internal activity is the problem.  Your mindset doesn’t support your vision and so your thoughts and feelings are in conflict with your goals.  Negative thoughts get in your way, or a fundamental belief that it just isn’t going to happen is preventing the outcome you want.  This affects your confidence and so you find that you hold off from buying the shares you’ve researched and miss out on the best opportunities as the price rises before you buy.

3.  You have a strong vision and your mindset is spot on – you know you can do it and you are motivated to take action, but there’s a lack of planning meaning that your activity is haphazard or not aligned with your vision.

Ultimately, you want more SUCCESS:  more wealth, more income, more financial freedom so that you can have more time, more enjoyment, the lifestyle you want, and you want it all with less effort!

And, here’s the thing:  You are not alone.  And, it’s not that you’re doing anything wrong either!

The simple fact is that there is a lot to investing in the stock market and there is nobody on this planet with an entire investment toolkit.  None of us have all the answers, experience, skills or resources that we want.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there is a solution.

The Solution

What you need is the support of someone who genuinely understands the challenges you face, because they’ve been there.

You need the guidance of someone who has learned how to invest in shares and who has the solution that will take you from where you are now to the stock market wealth, income and financial freedom that you want and deserve.

And the solution is more simple than you probably think.

The solution is activity that is aligned with a strong vision that motivates you to take action.  When you align your internal activity (your vision, your goals, and your thoughts and feelings) with your external activity (what you are actually doing), that’s when you get traction, because when those two elements are aligned – there is no other possible outcome.

The private investors who achieve success with what appears to be ‘ease’ have got this sussed.  It may not always be conscious on their part, but what they have is three things in place:


They have a clear picture in their mind of where they are heading and ‘why’ they are investing.  This means that they are motivated to do the things that are necessary to get there.  They have a destination to aim towards and so all activity is focused on that outcome.


They have a positive mindset – a predominant mental attitude which means that they are conditioned internally for the specific success they want to create.  They have affirmative thoughts and feelings of certainty that stem from a deep rooted belief that they can and will achieve their vision.


They have a plan.  And, I am not talking about a traditional financial plan.  I am talking about a Plan Of Action that takes their vision, chunks it down into a series of goals, with accountability measures that drives their activity to that which is conducive to achieving them.

If you’d like to have VISION > MINDSET > ACTION in place for your investing, then why not apply now for one of my complimentary 45-minute Stock Market Success Breakthrough coaching sessions?


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I appreciate the fact that you are serious about taking positive action towards creating a better financial future for yourself and are ready to do so in the near future.


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I look forward to speaking with you soon!

To your success,

Adrian Botham


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