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I Want To Invest In Shares But I Don’t Know Where To Start

THE most common reason why people don’t start investing in shares, when they say that they want to, is because they don’t start in the right place! When I ask people what is stopping them, they usually say one or more of the following: I don’...

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Should I Sell In May And Go Away?

“Sell in May and go away” is an old saying that has been around for an awful long time. As I write this blog post, it is the 15th of May 2012 and I am wondering whether to sell some of my shares. If you are thinking the same, then don’t do it...

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FTSE 100

If you are new to investing in UK shares then the easiest shares to trade are those in the FTSE 100 index. If you don’t yet know what the FTSE 100 is then read on and/or watch the video below. You will learn what the FTSE 100 index is and how it works. Y...

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PEG Ratio: How To Use The PEG Ratio For Better Share Investing

If you are looking for growth shares to invest in then the PEG Ratio is an invaluable tool but many beginners to share investing have never heard of a PEG Ratio or, if they have, they have little idea of what it is or how they can use it to improve their share...

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What Is A Stock Exchange?

If you want to buy and sell shares in a stock market then it helps to know about the stock exchange. If you don’t know what a stock exchange is or why they are needed to trade shares then read on and watch the video below. You will learn what a stock exc...

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What Is A Stock Market?

Are you scared of buying and selling shares in the stock market? Is that because you don’t know what a stock market is? Is lack of knowledge in this area one of the things holding you back from getting started investing in shares? If it is then go ahead ...

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Most investors (and especially short-term traders) are focused on share prices rising so that they can make a capital gain. In doing so they forget about dividends and the passive income that dividends generate. Unfortunately for them, it has been proven many times that it is the receipt of dividend...

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Top Tips: 7 Stock Picking Strategies For Beginners

Are you are a share investing beginner with some cash to buy shares with? Are you baffled and bamboozled by all the stock market jargon? Are you frozen to the spot, like a rabbit in the headlights, not knowing which stock to buy first? If you answered YES to these questions, then read on because […] ...

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