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So You Bought Royal Mail Shares – Now What?

So the Royal Mail Shares IPO has been and gone and many newcomers bought Royal Mail shares to become shareholders for the first time. If you’re one of them then now what? Your actions from here will depend on whether you are planning to stay a shareholde...

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Royal Mail Shares IPO – Are Royal Mail Shares A Buy?

Following publication of the Royal Mail Shares IPO prospectus in advance of Royal Mail issuing shares on the UK stock market, popular questions at the moment are “should I buy Royal Mail shares” or “are Royal Mail Shares a buy?” The ans...

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What Is An IPO And Are They A Good Investment?

It’s IPO season again on both sides of the pond with a Twitter IPO in the US and the Royal Mail IPO in the UK but what is an IPO and are they always a good investment? In this article, I will be revealing what an IPO is and discussing the Twitter IPO and...

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9 Lessons From The Recent Facebook IPO – Part 2

My previous post examined the recent Facebook IPO and started to list some of the lessons that you could learn from what happened. This post provides lessons 5 through to 9 to complete the list. If you missed part 1 with lessons 1 to 4, then click here to read...

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9 Lessons From The Recent Facebook IPO – Part 1

The Facebook IPO has now been and gone and Facebook shares are being traded on the NASDAQ exchange, so what lessons can you learn from this? Whether you bought some Facebook shares in the IPO or not, if you are an investor in stocks and shares then it is likel...

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What Is A Stock Market?

Are you scared of buying and selling shares in the stock market? Is that because you don’t know what a stock market is? Is lack of knowledge in this area one of the things holding you back from getting started investing in shares? If it is then go ahead ...

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