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Investing: The 15 Commandments Of Investing For Higher Returns With Less Risk (part 1)

Following on from my earlier post, we now explore the 15 commandments of investing for higher returns with less risk. If you are investing in stocks and shares as a way to grow your personal wealth and/or income then you need to start following these commandments a.s.a.p. to be able [...]

Investing: How To Consistently Pick Better Shares At The Right Time For Higher Returns With Less Risk

If you are investing in stocks and shares as a way to grow your personal wealth and/or income then you need to be able to consistently pick the best shares at the right time and minimise your mistakes. All the best long-term investors, such as Warren Buffett, do their own [...]

Investing: The Income From Your Savings Is At Risk And What You Can Do About It

In the last week, I have received two letters from my bank about my savings accounts, both of which demonstrated that my future savings income is at CONSTANT RISK and that the banks cannot be trusted to look after my money safely. Both of the letters began as follows: Your [...]

Valuation: The 3 Main Valuation Methods For The Valuation Of Shares

Valuation of shares before buying them is one of the biggest problems that beginners face because they are not familiar with the three main valuation methods that are available to them. So in this blog post and video, I am going to introduce you to those 3 main valuation methods [...]

Passive Income: Which Is Best For Generating Passive Income – Property Or Shares?

If you want to generate more passive income then you may be wondering whether it is better to invest in property or stocks and shares? I get asked this question all the time and I always say that there are two things you need to consider, not just one. Usually, [...]

Financial Ratios: 4 Easy Ways To Find The Best Shares To Buy Using Financial Ratios

If you are new to investing in shares, then the thought of using financial ratios to identify the best shares to buy for your share portfolio probably conjures up images of painstaking analysis of company accounts, endless financial figures that you don't understand and an ultimate feeling of frustration, confusion [...]

Passive Income: How to Create Passive Income By Investing In Shares

If you ever have thoughts about generating a passive income so that you can achieve financial freedom, I believe that the best way to do this is to invest in company shares in the stock market. Once you have learned how to analyze, buy and sell shares, it takes up [...]