I spoke to an ex-colleague of mine recently, a busy professional with a successful corporate career.

He’s had a string of senior jobs over the years and moved companies a few times and he has been earning a very good salary for a number of years now.

His salary is much higher than the national average in the UK…in fact…it probably puts him in the top 2% of earners.

Still, despite that, he’s concerned about not having enough money for his retirement and is concerned that he will have to keep on working longer than he wants to.

In other words, his investments are struggling.

I asked him a few questions about what he’d been doing with his money over the years and the answer was the same as I get from most busy professionals and business owners that I talk to.

He’s been investing into an employer’s pension for the past 30 years and has some savings, etc. but those pensions have just not performed as well as he’d hoped and the interest on his bank savings are almost zero.

And that was about it for his investments.

Now in his early fifties with his “day of reckoning coming” as he described it, he was getting increasingly concerned about his ability to provide for himself and his family as he always has done, as well as enjoy the happy retirement that he’s been dreaming of.

He’d already spoken to the companies managing his pension plans and spoken to different financial advisors but he said he always comes away more confused than ever.

They show him fancy charts and diagrams with different investment returns for different funds and bamboozle him into believing that they are doing a better job with his investments than he could himself.

But when he looks at his pension statements every year, they barely seem to increase despite all the extra money he is pumping in.

As we chatted, he described his efforts as “futile” and even went as far as to say that he believed it was his destiny to always be struggling for money.

I really felt for him and I said so.

As we chatted it became clear that he was hoping to find a quick and easy solution to obtaining better results without doing anything different.

Putting some money each month into bank savings and putting extra funds into his pensions is within his comfort zone.

But learning how to manage his own investments and buying a few shares in the stock market with his spare cash is not.

He just isn’t comfortable with that.

As we talked some more, he already understood that it was the advisors exorbitant fees and poor investment choices that are damaging his retirement plans.

And he knew that he would make a much better return on his investments by managing them himself.

But he didn’t feel comfortable with doing that, so he kept looking for something else.

A kind of “easy button” he could press to get bigger and stronger investment returns without having to step out of his comfort zone.

I think we’re all a bit like that sometimes aren’t we?

It takes a lot of courage to try something new.

Especially when it comes to managing our own investments or investing in company shares in the stock market, because it all looks so complicated.

We don’t want to lose our money either.

Or look stupid.

Or look like we need help from others (even if we do).

It takes courage to overcome that fear…to step out of your comfort zone and do something that you are not confident with.

To stop worrying about what other people think of us.

Not heroic levels of courage…we’re not putting our lives at risk or anything like that of course.

But more courage than most people manage to muster regarding their own money and investments.

If you can develop the capability to be just a bit more courageous with your money and your investments, you can make a huge difference to your investment returns.

I have clients who are now getting returns on their investments that are 3 to 4 times higher than they used to get when they outsourced them to pension fund managers and financial advisors.

They are now buying their own shares and building a nice little share portfolio to finance their future dream lifestyle.

Things they’ve never done before.

Not all of their share purchases make them money of course but that doesn’t matter as long as they cut their losers quickly, ride their winners and pick more winners than losers.

And like any new skills, while they’re learning how to do them it won’t feel comfortable.

But their courage (and a little bit of support from me) will see them through their challenges.

How can you develop this kind of courage?

In my experience the best way, possibly the only way, is to start small.

Try something new that’s just a bit outside your comfort zone.

Get help and support to make sure it’s a success from someone who specialises in teaching others how to get started investing in shares.

That’ll give you the confidence to try something bigger.

And then something bigger.

And pretty soon you’ll be taking on things you never thought you’d be able to do, managing your own investments and building yourself a decent investment portfolio.

And it won’t seem all that courageous (even though it is).

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You’ll get detailed guidance and support on  how to start investing in shares, just like my previous clients have done.

You’ll need the courage to stump up the program fee but it’s zero risk because you have 60 days to change your mind if it doesn’t work out.

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