If you want to start buying and selling stocks and shares, but you don’t know how, then there are several ways that you can learn how to do it.

How successful you are with your initial investments, how long it will take you to get started and whether you get started at all (or keep procrastinating) depends on which method you choose.

In this article, we will explore those methods and their various characteristics so that you can decide which is the best method for you.

The Most Common Method

The method that most people choose when they want to learn something new is to buy a book.

You may be surprised that most people who buy a book then let themselves down by not reading it.

Have you ever done this with a book you’ve bought?

I know I have.

Even if you start to read the book, the chances are that you will not finish reading it.

Maybe you got bored with it, ran out of patience with it or didn’t like the way it was written?

Have you ever done this?

Yes, so have I.

If it is one of those rare occasions where you actually finish reading the book, the chances are that you will recognize it as a major achievement.

It is a major achievement, of course, compared to all those books that you bought and never bothered to finish or even start reading in some cases.

The trouble is, we see the completion of the book as our intended achievement, when it is actually just the first step.

We forget why we bought the book and started reading it in the first place, don’t we?

Why did you buy the book?

If it is a novel, telling us a nice story, then finishing reading the book is THE END!

But that is not the case with a text-book i.e. a book that we bought to teach us to do something like “How To Invest In Shares”.

For books like this, the reason we bought it is so that we could learn something new.

Finish reading your book and you will indeed have learned something new – you will now have more knowledge than before.

That’s great!

But you didn’t really buy and read the book just to get some extra knowledge, did you?

No, that’s not the real reason at all.

You bought the book because you wanted to start buying and selling shares, remember?

To do this, you need the knowledge of how to do it, but you also need to know how to apply your new knowledge to your own unique situation.

And a book cannot do that for you.

A book can lead you to the water but it can’t make you drink!

Only you can do that.

Which is why very few people who read books to transform an aspect of their lives actually follow through with their intended transformation and achieve their desired results.

That said, books and extra knowledge are often a first step for most people on their journey, which is why I have written a book to help you.

I have kept it very short and concise, intentionally, because I don’t want you to stop reading half way through – I want you to finish it!

It has short punchy chapters that are easy to read and you should be able to read it in one go, from start to finish.

Which also means that you can read it quickly, several times if you wish and so it can be used as a quick reference guide also.

How To Invest In Shares (Paperback version)How To Invest In Shares (Kindle version)

You can obtain a copy of “How To Invest In Shares” in both paperback and Kindle editions via my product page here.

On that page, you will find links to a number of Amazon country sites so just click the country flag icon for your preferred Amazon site to access my book.

Training Courses

The next most common method if you want to learn something new is to attend a training course.

These are obviously more expensive than buying a book but they provide more value for your money.

Spending more money requires a bigger commitment from you but that is why you are more likely to get more from a training course.

By spending more money, you are much more likely to want to get your money’s worth from it.

So you will make sure that you attend the course, listen to what the trainer tells you and complete any exercises.

Traditional off-line training events are particularly costly because they require a venue, food and refreshments and possibly overnight accommodation too if it covers several days.

You will also incur travel costs, to and from the venue, which can be really costly if it is overseas.

Still, despite all the expense, it is surprising how many people have forgotten what they learned within a short time of attending a course.

I’ve done this on many occasions, have you?

Even when I enjoy the course and return all fired up afterwards, other things get in the way of implementing what I have learned and I guess it is the same for you too?

That’s because, even if you have been encouraged to apply what you were learning on the course to your own situation via exercises, say, there are still two things missing.

These are the additional two things that you will need to ensure that you apply your learning and implement it fully to effect the transformational change that will bring you the results you desire.


The first of these 2 things is continuity i.e. continuous follow-up afterwards.

You don’t get this when you finish reading your book and you don’t get it after you return from your training course either.

Continuity is the thing that keeps you focused on your intended goal and what you have been learning and how you can be applying it to your situation.

You need it during the honeymoon period – the period afterwards when you still have the learning fresh in your mind and the desire to do something about it.

Without continuity, you will fail to achieve your desired change and results, because the all-important implementation piece takes a sustained effort for a period of time.

This period could be days, weeks, months or years – it all depends on how big a change you want to make and how committed you are to making it.


The second of these 2 things is accountability i.e. something or someone who you regularly provide a status report to.

Some people have a lot of self-discipline and can hold themselves accountable, but these people are very rare.

Most people need a third party to do this for them.

1:1 Coaching

All the best sports people have mentors and coaches to help them succeed.

Even, celebrities have personal trainers to keep them attending their gym sessions when they don’t feel like doing them or they’ve had a bad night before!

If you watched the Olympic games recently, almost without exception, the medal-winning athletes all acknowledged the contribution of their coaches and recognized that they could not have done it without them.

The coaches can’t do the running or jumping or cycling, etc. for the athlete but they can provide feedback on progress and point them in the right direction.

Most importantly, the coach provides personal support, continuity and accountability that is missing from books and training courses.

Which is why, at How To Invest In Shares, I provide Private 1 On 1 Coaching Sessions for those of you who are fully committed to getting started buying and selling shares.

It is the fastest method of learning to do something new and implement change in your life.

Like training courses, it provides a bigger commitment from you than reading a book does, which is why you will want to get your money’s worth out of it.

It is also the safest way to learn something new because you receive continuous support and guidance from someone with a lot of experience of what works and what doesn’t for private investors just like you.

If you want to know more about how and whether 1 On 1 Coaching could work for you, you might wish to consider applying for a FREE Stock Market Success Breakthrough Session?

Stock Market Success Breakthrough Coaching Session

How Will I Benefit From A Stock Market Success Breakthrough Session?

During one of these “Stock Market Success Breakthrough Sessions” we will:

  • help you to set some important goals for your investments
  • help you to understand what is holding you back from achieving your investment goals
  • identify the pivotal changes you need to make to attain your investment goals
  • explain what you need to do to affect those investing changes
  • provide you with some ideas of how you could make faster, more significant progress with less risk

How Do I Arrange A Stock Market Success Breakthrough Session?

If you would like for information and/or to apply for a Stock Market Success Breakthrough Session then click here.