If you want to know how to make money online, then there are only 2 ways that you can do it and I suggest that one of the methods is easier than the other.

In this blog post I will be explaining what the two ways to make money online are and helping you to decide which one is best for you in creating and supporting the WEALTH, INCOME, FREEDOM and LIFESTYLE you desire.

If you are a regular reader of this “How To Invest In Shares” blog then you might be forgiven for thinking that there should be 3 ways of making money, which is an article I wrote a few weeks ago (you can view it here).

Well, you’re sort of right, but one of the 3 methods involved being given the money, which is not really a way that you can make money online.

Indeed, several of the sub-categories I explained in that article for making money are not possible online.

So, let’s concentrate on those that are, starting with method number 1…

1. Start An Online Business

Most people who make money online do it by marketing or selling products or services online.

In other words, they start and run their own online business.

Some of these internet marketers create, market, sell and deliver their own products and services.

Others are affiliates, marketing and/or selling products and services created by others and receiving a commission.

And of course, many internet businesses, such as mine for example, involve doing both.

Starting an online business can be great fun, especially when you sell something, get paid and receive feedback from a happy customer!

Of course, it’s not always like that and can be a great source of frustration when it isn’t going well.

Despite what you might read and hear elsewhere, starting and running an online business requires a big commitment from you in terms of TIME, EFFORT, MONEY and EDUCATION.

If you study any of the internet marketing gurus as I have done and continue to do, then you learn that all of them had significant difficulties when they started their online businesses.

When the success came, it might have seemed like it happened quickly but that overnight success always comes several years after the internet business started.

And in many cases, the overnight success came after several other internet businesses started and failed.

Indeed starting and failing with an internet business is more the norm because 99% of all business start-ups fail, two thirds of which fail in their first year!

And that’s not surprising because most people just don’t invest the time, aren’t willing to make the super-human effort and don’t spend the time and money getting themselves educated and learning from their mistakes.

Don’t let me put you off though!

If you want to start and run an online business and you have the passion and commitment to succeed at it then I can recommend it.

The only reason I mention these difficulties here is so that you get the full picture and realize that despite the hype elsewhere, starting a business online is not a “get rich quick” scheme.

Nothing in life, that is worth having, ever is!

Now let’s look at your alternative way of making money online…

2. Investing Online

Like starting an online business, making money from investing online has its drawbacks too but it also has some significant advantages over running an online business.

It goes without saying that you have to have some money to invest to start with and the amount of money you need depends entirely on your preferred choice of investment.

The second drawback is that you need to know something about your preferred choice of investment in order to know how to invest in it and make money from it.

This again requires education, to accumulate knowledge and skills, which in turn takes some of your time and money to acquire and learn.

And, again, most people can’t be bothered!

The third drawback, like starting an online business, is that not all types of investment can be bought and sold online.

A significant advantage of investing online over starting an online business is that it is possible to make money from investments without taking up too much of your time or too much effort.

Which means that you can make money from investments while you are making money from your regular job, whatever that is.

You can even start an online business and start investing online too, if you want?

Investing online has changed an awful lot since it first started at the end of the last millennium.

It is now easier than ever and there is all the information and research you need online that you could possibly want.

I’ve been investing for the last 28 years and investing online since November 1999 (i.e. 14 years).

And you could do the same.

If you’re not yet making money online from investing, are you ready to take ACTION?

How To Make Money Investing Online

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