If you got a new Kindle for Christmas this year or you’ve had one for a while then you’ll be wanting to put your Kindle to good use by finding some great Kindle books to read on it.

One of the main advantages of owning a Kindle is that Kindle books usually cost less than their paperback or hardback equivalents.

If you would also like to learn how to invest in shares, then have you thought about using your new Kindle to read one or two books on this subject?

To save you time, I’ve already done a search on Amazon for books about how to invest in shares, which you can access with the following links:

Amazon.co.ukKindle Books about How To Invest In Shares

Amazon.comKindle Books about How To Invest In Shares

Books and extra knowledge are often the first step for people on their journey to doing something new, which is why I have written my own book to help you.

Compared to some of the other books you can buy on the subject, I have kept my book very short and concise, intentionally, because I don’t want you to stop reading it half way through.

I want you to finish it…so that you get the full benefit from it!

It has short punchy chapters that are easy to read and you should be able to read it in one go, from start to finish.

Which also means that you can read it quickly, several times if you wish and so it can be used as a quick reference guide also.

How To Invest In Shares (Paperback version)How To Invest In Shares (Kindle version)

You can obtain a copy of “How To Invest In Shares” in both paperback and Kindle editions via my product page here.

On that page, you will find links to a number of Amazon country sites so just click the country flag icon for your preferred Amazon site to access my book.

And if you don’t yet own a Kindle, but you would like one, then you can find out more and obtain one…

from Amazon.co.uk here:

or from Amazon.com here:

I’ve owned a Kindle since the first version became available and I’ve just replaced it with the newer, smaller version.

I’ve even bought my wife one for reading books when we are on holiday and she LOVES IT!

I plan to write more books about investing in shares in the near future – let me know what you’d like me to write about in the comments below.