Are you frustrated with the dull, disappointing returns on your savings and investments?

Have you ever stopped to think how much more money you could make if you took just some of your cash savings and invested it in the stock market instead?

Let’s do it now…

How Much Is It COSTING YOU Not To Be An Investor?

If you invested just $1,000 each year for the next 10 years with an average investment return of 9% each year (that’s less than what I’m getting), you will have amassed $16,560 in 10 years time instead of the $11,808 you would have if you left your spare cash in the bank (assuming 3% annual interest).

Investing beats Saving

In other words, investing in the stock market will have created 3.63 times the extra new money that saving will have created for you.

Even if you only invest $1,000 at the start and don’t add any new money each year, with an average investment return of 9% each year, you will have generated $2,367 in 10 years instead of the $1,345 you would have in a bank savings account.  That’s nearly 4 times as much extra new cash!

Investing beats Saving

If you have more money available and invest $10,000 each year – on these rates of return you could create $165,603 instead of $118,078 – that’s $46,985 of additional wealth in the next 10 years.

And if you keep that money invested for longer, you could become a MILLIONAIRE within the next 26 years!

Beome a Millionaire Investor in just 26 Years!

Of course, these rates of return cannot be guaranteed but the reason I have used 9% as an illustrative example is because it is the average long-term return that has been achieved in the UK stock market over the last 20 years according to the Barclays Capital Equity Guilt Study (the average return for the US market is even higher at 10%).

Similarly, 3% is the highest savings rate that you can currently obtain with a bank savings account – if you are lucky and if you keep moving your money around!

Of course, it is not just costing you money by not being an investor is it?

The Lifestyle Costs Of Not Being An Investor

Not having this extra money is also costing you the things that you could do or have with the extra money, such as:

  • not having “peace of mind” as you continue to STRESS about money
  • not being able to PROVIDE for your family as well as you would like
  • not being able to LIVE where you really want to live
  • not being able to VISIT all the PLACES you really want to visit
  • not being able to QUIT your job and start your own BUSINESS
  • not being able to retire as EARLY as you would like (99% of people can’t)
  • not being able to have the fulfilling RETIREMENT you desire (95% of people don’t)
  • not having the financial FREEDOM you dream of

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but you get the idea, right?  Is any of this ringing true for you?

I can relate to it 100% and that’s why I am on a mission to encourage and help as many timid savers and struggling investors as possible, just like you, to…

Unlock Your Hidden Investment Skills To Become A Confident Investor

From Saver To Investor

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  • ANALYZE a company and recognize a good investment when you see one
  • Build your stock market shares PORTFOLIO

“Don’t Settle”

Why settle for dull, disappointing returns on your savings and investments when you don’t have to?

Why settle for a lesser lifestyle for yourself and your family when you don’t have to?

Steve Jobs, in his motivating speech at Stanford University, advised the students – “don’t settle.”

I’m done with settling in my life…what about you?

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