It’s Christmas Day here in the UK and I wanted to offer a gift to all the readers of my How To Invest In Shares blog – a FREE “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” coaching session with me!

Getting some coaching from someone who has already gone through the same change as you desire to make yourself is a proven success strategy.

So if you think this is something that you might want to try, maybe as part of one of your New Year’s resolutions to fix your finances and/or start investing more, then let’s get together for a chat.

What Is A “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” Session?

A “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” session is a short complimentary coaching session with me.

I prefer to use Skype, just because it’s free for both of us, irrespective of where you live in the world, but if you live in the UK like I do, then we have the option of speaking on the telephone instead if you prefer.

The session is complimentary because there is no cost to you, other than your time, of course.

Why Are These Sessions Free?

My clients pay me £250 (about $400) per hour for our coaching sessions but I offer an initial coaching session for free so that we can both find out if we are comfortable working together.

Of course, a proportion of the people who have a complimentary coaching session with me, naturally want to go on to become one of my VIP coaching clients.

But just in case you’re wondering, this is not a sales call because it is focused on you and your needs and is designed to give you a strong idea of how working with a shares coach could help you.

And I obviously won’t be able to do that if I rant on all the time about me and my products so I’ll just be asking you a few important questions to get you thinking and allowing you to do most of the talking.

I’ll be guided by your answers and regardless of what we end up talking about, there’s absolutely no obligation for you to become a VIP coaching client if you don’t want to.

The purpose of the session is for us to get to know each other a little bit better and to explore why you want to invest in shares, etc.

How Will I Benefit From A “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” Session?

During one of these short coaching sessions we will:

  • Get clear about what successful investing in the stock market will mean for you, your family and your future lifestyle;
  • Discover the essential steps to having the investment success of your dreams;
  • Uncover the #1 thing that’s been preventing you from investing safely in the stock market;
  • Identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the stock market success breakthrough you desire;
  • Complete your coaching session with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create the wealth, passive income and financial freedom you deserve.

We’ll follow this proven structure, to make sure that you get some real benefit from our call that you can take away with you.

Who Are “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” Sessions For?

These coaching sessions are for those of you, reading this, that are beginners to investing in stocks and shares.

You could be a complete beginner, wondering about how to get started.

You could have started investing in shares recently and still a novice, wanting to learn how to improve your investment skills.

Essentially, these sessions are for those of you who want some help in making safer and quicker progress with your stock market investments than you can on your own.

And although I am based in the UK, the stuff we talk about is relevant for any stock market, regardless of where you live.

How Do I Arrange A “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” Session?

If you would like to arrange a date and time when we can get together, it will help to maximise the use of our time on your call if you can provide me with some simple information first by completing this application form.

Alternatively, if you’d like some more information about the “Stock Market Success Breakthrough” session first, you can obtain that here.

Enjoy your Christmas gift and I enjoy chatting with you very soon.