I’m writing this on New Year’s Day – the day when we traditionally set ourselves a New Year’s resolution – and the most popular one amongst those of the smoking fraternity is to stop smoking!

If you are a smoker (I’m not, just in case you’re wondering) then it’s highly likely that you have already tried to stop smoking in the past and have failed.

If the reason you failed is related to a lack of a good incentive, then I can help you.

Have you ever stopped to think how much money you could save if you stopped smoking?

And what if you took those cash savings and invested them in the stock market instead?

Let’s do do the calculations now…

How Much Is It COSTING YOU To Smoke?

According to the Tobacco Manufacturer’s Association, the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK in 2013 is £7.98.

As a non-smoker, I find this shocking as this amount is far higher than I expected.

It’s perhaps not surprising though when I tell you that the price of an average pack of 20 cigarettes has increased by 12.6% since March 2013 to today (1st January 2014).

Indeed, in the last 5 years, the average annual increase in the cost of a pack is 8%.

If this average rate of increase continues then a pack of 20 cigarettes will cost you more than £10 by 2016 and more than £20 by 2025.

Wow!  That’s a pretty big incentive on its own to stop smoking.

But there’s more…

At today’s price of £7.98 per pack, if you smoke one pack each day you are lighting up and burning nearly £3,000 of your money each year at today’s prices – £2,913 to be exact.

And with the cost of smoking rising at an average of 8% each year, this annual cost is set to rise too.

By 2022 this will have doubled to £5,821 a year and will have almost tripled to £8,553 by 2027.

That is a lot of money to burn.

I hope you can afford it!

If you can’t really afford it or you’ve decided that NOW is the time for you to change your life for the better and put your smoking money to better use then keep reading.

Because I’m going to show you how you can become a millionaire in less than 30 years time.

Stop Smoking And Start Investing Instead

Assuming that a pack of 20 cigarettes costs £7.98 in 2013 and increases at 8% a year, if you invest your money into shares in the stock market and achieve an average return on your investments of only 10% each year then you will have generated £1,000,693 in just 29 years time.

And the best bit is that, for you, there is absolutely no risk to becoming a stock market investor because the money that you are investing is money that you are currently burning anyway!

So how do you fancy becoming a millionaire in 29 years time?

Yes, I know it seems a long time in the future but there’s nobody saying you have to limit yourself to £7.98 a day is there?

Once you get into your new habit of investing in shares and making better use of the money you have in your life, who’s to say you won’t start investing more?

And who’s to say you won’t achieve a better return than 10% each year?

For example, I’ve been investing consistently in my spare time for the last 18 years and over that time period have averaged 11.8% each year.

If you do the same as me, you will become a millionaire in just 27 years.

The Lifestyle Costs Of Smoking Instead Of Investing

Continuing to be a smoker is affecting your lifestyle and the lives of those closest to you in a negative way, but you can change this.

Wasting your money on cigarettes is denying you the things that you could do or have with the extra money, such as:

  • not having “peace of mind” as you continue to STRESS about money and your HEALTH
  • not being able to PROVIDE for your family as well as you would like
  • not setting a good example for your CHILDREN (or do you want them to smoke too?)
  • not being around to SEE your grand children grow up when you die younger than you should
  • not being able to LIVE where you really want to live
  • not being able to VISIT all the PLACES you really want to visit
  • not being able to QUIT your job and start your own BUSINESS
  • not being able to retire as EARLY as you would like (99% of people can’t)
  • not being able to have the fulfilling RETIREMENT you desire (95% of people don’t)
  • not having the financial FREEDOM you dream of

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but you get the idea, right?  Is any of this ringing true for you?

From Smoker To Investor

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  • Build your stock market shares PORTFOLIO

Break Your Denial, Stop Smoking AND Start Investing

Why deny yourself and your family the better things in life when you don’t have to?

I’m done with denying myself the things, the people and the experiences that I really want in my life…what about you?

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