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How to Buy Your First High Yield Share

In our recent blog articles on the subject of our buying process, we've explained the need to identify your investment strategy, find shares that fit your strategy and the need to do your own research rather than blindly following tips in share magazines or newsletters. It is now time for step [...]

How to Identify High Dividend Stocks

Searching for shares can be like searching for a needle in a haystack! With thousands of shares to choose from, how do you know which one to choose? Well, if it's high yielding shares you want - it's easy.  In our previous article, we explained three different dividend ratios.  We [...]

Dividends: The 3 Key Dividend Ratios And How To Use Them

If you are looking for shares that pay high dividends then there are 3 key dividend ratios that you can use to identify the best dividend paying shares. In my post on Dividend Investment Strategy I mentioned the 3 key ratios that you can use to identify shares paying high [...]

Dividend Investment Strategy

In our last post, we talked about investment strategies. The next step in our 10 step buying process is to choose one of these strategies and identify shares appropriate to our chosen strategy. By way of example, we will choose to go with a strategy of investing in shares which [...]