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Why Do You Want To Invest In Stocks & Shares?

When I tell the people I meet that I coach people how to get started investing in shares, they usually reply by saying that they would like to invest in shares. When I ask them why they don't invest in shares already, they provide lots of reasons, which sound more [...]

15 Good Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Online Shares Coach

If you want to start buying and selling stocks and shares but you don't know how, or you have recently started investing and you would like some help, then there are many reasons why you will benefit from having a low-cost online shares coach. How successful you are with your [...]

The Fastest Way To Start Buying And Selling Shares

If you want to start buying and selling stocks and shares, but you don't know how, then there are several ways that you can learn how to do it. How successful you are with your initial investments, how long it will take you to get started and whether you get [...]

Do You Want Income Or Growth?

Whenever you talk to a financial adviser about investing they always ask you whether you are investing for income or growth, don't they? If you are anything like I used to be, you will look at them as if they are asking a stupid question and answer "both?" - with [...]

Top Tips: 5 Reasons Why Share Tips Are Bad For Your Wealth

Every share investor, whether a beginner or more expert, will have followed a share tip at some point. Just for the record, I'm not against share tips as such. What I do have a problem with though is what people do with those tips when they get them. More often [...]